On the surface, an organization may appear to promote DEI. Perhaps you notice photos of employees of various ages, races, and genders working side by side. Their website mentions DEI as a value or part of their mission. So you may feel confident that you can check off “yes” to diversity, equity, and inclusion. But as with anything, there is always more to DEI than a label on a website and some photos. To make sure the companies you apply to actually value DEI, read on for some important indicators!

1. Clearly Described DEI Goals

Besides a value or mission, does the organization describe how they want to achieve DEI initiatives for their workplace or provide details on how they support minority individuals? Take a look at Allstates page on DEI, they are not only transparent about who works at their company but also discuss their non-profit partners and diverse suppliers.

2. Hires Diverse Talent

The diversity of an organization begins with widespread recruiting efforts. Check if the business partners with diverse communities or professional associations they will naturally attract candidates through these networks. You can also see where companies attend or host career fairs to understand how they attract a broader talent pool.

3. Established Pay Equity

Companies need to provide fair opportunities for each employee. Organizations must identify which employees are underpaid or not paid the same as others in similar roles. Chat with former and current employees to gain their insider perspectives and network with possible future coworkers.

4. Address Unconscious Bias

Leaders and employees can understand how others are affected by unconscious bias, and what actions reinforce biases. Google is one example of a company that creatively addresses unconscious bias. They provided staff training aimed at “unbiasing” the workplace, and it sparked many productive internal conversations directed at making positive changes.

5. Developed a Diversity Training Program

Diversity training is an integral part of creating a healthy and productive workplace. Its more than just unconscious bias, and focuses on how every employee and executive approaches DEI. A bit of research on an organization can reveal if they partner with a consultant, attend diversity conferences, or mandate diversity training.

6. Hold Executives Accountable

Diversity talent development expert Sherryl Dimitry states in her report that “simply having more women or minorities in these roles isn’t enough to make diversity stick – it’s more about whether diverse contributions and opinions will be valued, accepted and assimilated into the culture at large.”

7. They Acknowledge Every Holiday

Companies that recognize culturally significant dates, like Juneteenth, and recognize harmful national holidays that dismiss historical repression, like Columbus Day, are great indicators of true dedication to DEI. It may seem small, but multicultural religious or holiday celebrations should be respected and considered when scheduling meetings or requests for time off.

8. Established Employee Resource Groups

It is essential to give everyone a voice and a chance to make an impact. Employee resource groups (ERGs) address workplace initiatives and brainstorm more efficient ways to get things done. If a company lists its ERGs and describes how they’ve impacted policies, you can be sure that the company absolutely values DEI.

9. They Invite Ongoing Feedback

Organizations need to encourage staff feedback to get a better understanding of what is going on under the surface. If current or former employees have left the company because no one listened, that’s a good indicator they do not truly value DEI.

10. Equitable Company Policies

Company handbooks may not be available to review before you sign an offer letter. However, you can discuss with HR representatives about company policies on DEI. Employers need to be keenly aware of areas in the business where discrimination exists. Their company policies should address weaknesses and describe clear enforcement for those who discriminate against others.

Looking for DEI Dedicated Companies to Work at?

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