Ten Questions to Ask During an Interview to ensure the Company is Inclusive and Diverse

We have all been there. After reading positive reviews about the company’s inclusive and diverse culture, you go for an interview, only to be disappointed after accepting the job offer.

So, how can you avoid being a misfit in a company where diversity and inclusion are not prioritized clearly?

You need to ask the relevant questions right in the job interview to determine how inclusive and diverse the Company is and whether the work culture in the organization would help you grow and prosper in the long run.

Here are the ten questions you can ask in a job interview to ensure that the Company promotes diversity and allows people from different races and cultures an equal leveling field to grow and further their careers.

1. Do the Company’s values align with the concept of diversity and inclusiveness?

Because we spent almost half of our lives inside the office premises, the company’s values and culture must align with ours. The environment does not support diversity if the concept of diversity and inclusion is only in the rule books and is not suitably represented in the office culture.

The Company must have a functional diversity and inclusion plan or strategy to provide an unbiased culture that promotes the growth of a diverse work population.

2. Does the Company offer adequate training to promote diversity in the workplace?

A diverse work environment does not end in hiring people from diverse backgrounds. To promote and maintain a diverse culture, the Company must ensure that adequate training is provided to its employees to realize their fullest potential and rise to leadership positions in the future.

When the Company provides regular training on diversity through workshops and seminars and ensures all employees attend them regularly, it would ensure a supportive work culture that favors diversity.

The training must create an unbiased work environment and show appreciation to all employees regardless of their race, culture, religion, or sexual preference. The employees must feel safe in a diverse culture to take the opportunities to grow in leadership positions in the future.

3. Does the Company’s recruiting plan support its diverse and inclusive culture?

Ask relevant questions about how the Company’s recruiting plan supports its divest and inclusive culture. The points to cover are whether the Company has taken proactive and conscious steps to cast a wider net, including people of varying backgrounds and races, while evaluating potential candidates.

Find out if the Company has communicated to the recruiter about the importance of having a diverse and inclusive job profile.

4. Does the Company have Employee Resource Groups(ERG) that facilitate a diverse work environment?

Employee Resource Groups (ERG) play a significant role in supporting workplace diversity. They provide a safe environment for employees to grow and develop their talents and help them reach their fullest potential.

As per a recent report, 40% of the companies have ERGs to promote diversity and inclusion in their organization.

Ask the employers how they have included Employee Resource Groups to promote diversity and inclusion.

5. How do the Company’s leaders support diversity and inclusiveness?

To ensure the company values diversity in its workplace, find out who the leaders are and what initiatives they are taking to ensure that the organization values a diverse and inclusive workforce.

As the Company’s leaders make the policies that frame its structure, they must have the necessary commitment, courage, and broadmindedness to create policies that value a diverse work environment.

Some of the ways you can decide whether the top management values diversity is by finding out-

→ whether the board represents people of diverse cultures and backgrounds,

→ does the top management makes sure that people from diverse backgrounds can have a

     voice in structuring the companies HR policies;

→ whether the promotional policies of the Company reflect its commitment to having a

     pro-diverse and pro-inclusive work environment.

6. How does the Company make sure that the employees feel included?

Often, a well-defined diversity policy does not ensure inclusivity in the workplace. While diversity allows adequate representation of different races, inclusion recognizes that each person’s contribution must be valued.

Find out how the Company values its diverse employees. Some companies allow employees to form their network to promote open communication, while others conduct cultural programs and festivals to celebrate diverse cultures and encourage inclusivity.

7. How does the Company’s pay policy reflect diversity in its workplace?

Studies show that women are consistently offered lesser pay than men for similar work positions. This is true for people from certain races and backgrounds as well.

Business can show their commitment to a diverse workforce by ensuring pay transparency across all levels of the organization.

Ask questions to know more about the organization’s policies on pay structure before you choose to commit.

8. How much experience the Company has in dealing with a diverse workforce?

Specific sectors have more policies on workplace diversity than others. Industries like financial services, healthcare, and technology have better policies on diversity and inclusion than the manufacturing sector.

Before committing to an organization, find out how much experience the Company has in establishing a healthy and diverse workforce policy.

9. Ask for statistics and data to support the diversity policies.

Even when the management provides all the correct answers, you can ask for the statistics and data to support their view of having a balanced and diverse workforce.

Most companies with a formal policy on workplace diversity would readily provide all the data and statistics that support their claims of having a diverse workforce.

10. Lastly, don’t hesitate to ask for a tour of the Company’s workplace before accepting the position.

Often, you can have a relatively good idea of the nature of the workplace simply by taking a tour of the office. If you see the employees having a good time and collaborating in the office space, you can be confident of having a positive and satisfying experience.

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