After reading positive reviews about the company’s inclusive and diverse culture, you go for an interview, only to be disappointed after accepting the job offer. So, how can you avoid disappointment? You need to ask the right questions! Here are some questions you can ask in a job interview to ensure that the company truly promotes DEI:

1. How does [Company Name] uphold its value of diversity, equity, and inclusion?

Because we spend so much time in office settings or virtual meetings, the company’s values and culture must align with you. The environment does not support diversity if the concept of DEI is only in the handbook and is not represented or supported in the office culture.

2. Does [Company Name] offers adequate training to promote diversity in the workplace?

A diverse work environment does not end in hiring people from diverse backgrounds. To really promote and maintain a diverse culture, the company must ensure that adequate training is provided to everyone to realize their fullest potential and rise to leadership positions in the future. Training programs should also cover more than just sexual harassment and unconscious bias.

3. Does [Company Name] have Employee Resource Groups(ERG) that facilitate a diverse work environment?

Employee Resource Groups (ERG) play a significant role in supporting workplace diversity. They provide a safe environment for employees to grow and develop their talents and help them reach their fullest potential. As per a recent report, 40% of companies have ERGs to promote diversity and inclusion in their organization. Don’t be shy to ask about how the ERG affects company policies and workplace culture as well!

4. How do [Company Name]’s leaders support DEI?

While it’s important for employees to have initiative in implementing DEI, if C-suite executives have no motivation then it’s likely the company is limited in the extent of their DEI support. Ask about what the leaders are doing to influence DEI in the organization and how they hold themselves accountable. Some of the ways you can decide whether the top management values diversity is by finding out:

  • whether the board represents people of diverse cultures and backgrounds
  • if executives ensure people from diverse backgrounds can have a voice in structuring the company’s HR policies
  • whether the promotional policies of the company reflect its commitment to having a pro-diverse and pro-inclusive work environment

5. How does [Company Name] make sure that employees have equal opportunities?

Often, a well-defined diversity policy does not always ensure equitable opportunities in the workplace. Are BIPOCs offered the same levels of promotions, benefits, financial support, and more? While you may receive a vague answer to this question, you can understand how companies react to detailed questions about DEI.

6. How does [Company Name]‘s pay policy reflect diversity in its workplace?

Many studies over the years review the wage gap between gender and race. Business should show their commitment to a diverse workforce by ensuring pay transparency across all levels of the organization. This question can be one that changes your entire perspective on the organization in an instant.

7. How much experience does [Company Name] has implementing and supporting a diverse workforce?

Specific sectors have more policies on workplace diversity than others. Industries like financial services, healthcare, and technology have better policies on diversity and inclusion than the manufacturing sector. Before committing to an organization, find out how much experience the company has in establishing a healthy and diverse workforce policy.

8. Do you have any available statistics or data on the company’s diversity that I can review?

Even when the management provides all the correct answers, you can ask for statistics and data to support their view of having a balanced and diverse workforce. It not only demonstrates their ability to be transparent but also an in-depth view of their DEI journey.

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