There are around 19 million veterans in the United States, and many of them work at some of the country’s most powerful and influential companies. Others are successful entrepreneurs in their own right. Many veterans have trouble finding jobs or find jobs that don’t match their skill set or allow them to reach their full potential. The transition from military to civilian life can be challenging, but veterans have a lot to offer in the workplace. Let’s examine why more businesses might want to consider the benefits of hiring veterans.

A Superior Work Ethic

One of the most obvious benefits of hiring veterans is simple: they already understand the importance of a strong work ethic. While some employees are content to “coast through” their job and do the bare minimum, veterans understand the importance of follow-through, completion, and remaining reliable.

Veterans can envision their goals and remain focused until they achieve them. This already differentiates them from many other employees, who may be less focused or less interested in career advancement.  

Veterans Are Team Players

Military operations aren’t successful unless everyone is on the same page. Once they enter the service, veterans are trained to think about the team as a whole, rather than their individual success. Veterans understand the importance of knowing and playing their role in an organization, and how teamwork can strengthen the company.

In business, teamwork is essential in general. A company that understands teamwork has clear advantages over the competition: better company morale, improved collaboration/problem-solving, and improved productivity. They’re also used to working with members of different races, backgrounds, and perspectives.

They Know How To Adapt

In this day and age, businesses and organizations have to understand how to remain flexible and innovative. Military veterans understand the importance of having to adapt to different situations, especially because their life might depend on it.

Veterans are trained to remain calm and assess the situation, which can be useful in situations requiring quick decision-making and resiliency. While other employees might fall victim to stress or uncertainty, veterans can often develop resourceful solutions. After all, they are already used to fast-paced environments where factors change.

Tax Benefits

There are other benefits to hiring veterans that are purely financial: you may be eligible for federal tax credits. The WOTC (Work Opportunity Tax Credit) is one of employers’ most obvious tax credits, but it doesn’t apply to all veterans.

If the veteran meets specific criteria, employers may be eligible for a tax credit of up to $9600. Other tax credits may be available, such as the Returning Heroes Tax Credit and Wounded Warriors Tax Credit. Veterans who fall into more than one category may make it so that their employer is eligible for more tax breaks.

Veterans Have Leadership Skills

Let’s face it: some employees aren’t interested or cut out for leadership or management positions. Veterans often understand leadership skills better than other employees, and can often take on more responsibilities easier than others. Veterans most likely have experience when it comes to managing others, taking accountability, and motivating others to succeed.

Since they come from the military, veterans already understand the importance of power structures and hierarchy. They know how to take orders, but they can often step up when necessary. Veterans understand how to delegate tasks to deliver results, as well.

They’re Eager To Learn

Some of the most successful people will tell you that education is a life-long process. It’s easy to feel “stuck” at a job and feel like you aren’t sure whether you’ll be able to move up in a company. Veterans are often eager to learn new skills and technologies and figure out how to benefit their organization.

In the military, many roles require constant education and training. The military also often supports continuing education for veterans transitioning into civilian life. Veterans are more likely to develop new skills, which could help them adapt to new teams, environments, and situations.

Respect For Protocol

Some employees might slack off in terms of standards, which can prove a fatal weakness for organizations in specific sectors. Veterans understand the importance of health and safety protocols to ensure the welfare of all employees, while others might downplay rules or regulations. Many veterans are also already trained on how to handle sensitive information, which can prove useful in their professional careers.

Veterans understand the importance of an organizational framework, and how their actions affect their subordinates. For companies in sectors where compliance is a major issue, this kind of respect for procedures can save organizations a massive amount of time, money, and productivity. 

Veterans Can Improve Your Organization

Many businesses are reluctant to hire those who served in the military despite the many obvious advantages. Some organizations feel like veterans won’t adjust to their company culture. Others decline to hire veterans because they are concerned about future deployment or mental health issues. 

There are still many other benefits to hiring veterans. It’s a great way to prove to the world that your organization cares about its country and values what veterans bring to the table. Veterans also often understand the importance of trust, communication, and accountability more than the average employee.

Veterans usually arrive with transferable skills that can help your business become more productive and profitable. Some people claim that you are “thanking veterans for their service” by offering them a role. The truth is that it may be the other way around: your organization may eventually end up thanking veterans for the value they added.

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