Getting Your Resume Noticed with Résunate

You’ve made a list of jobs your experience is perfect for, you’ve gone through the tedious process of applying for all of them, and now your excitedly awaiting the calls. But wait…a week goes by, then two, and now three, and still no call-backs!

Now you’re thinking, how could that be? I thought my experience was perfect for that job? Did I make a silly spelling error? Was my resume too long? Not professional enough? The lists of questions that remain when you don’t get the interview are never ending and can drive you crazy. We’ve all been there.

So, what are some of the real reasons you may not be getting those interviews? The answer is three words: Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS).  When you submit a resume to an employer, things are happening behind the scenes that you probably don’t realize – until now!

What are Applicant Tracking Systems and How Are They Preventing Your Resume from Being Seen? 


  • An ATS is parsing software that extracts info from your resume and maps it to the employer’s database.
  • Using that info, the system (such as this one) automatically assigns you a score based on how well you match the job the employer is trying to fill.
  • All candidates get ranked and sorted with only the top scoring candidate resumes getting viewed and called for interviews.

It’s just like searching for something on Google. In the ATS, your resume is like a website that may be all the way back on page 13 of the employer’s search results.

How Do You Beat Applicant Tracking Systems?

resume-score-resunateIt’s all about optimizing your resume to match the job you’re applying to. And thankfully, we know of a free tool that does exactly this, Résunate. Before Résunate there was no way to know how your resume was going to score in an employer ATS. Now, using Résunate, you can score your resume and use different features to improve your score for each job.

How Does Résunate Work?

By simply copy-pasting a job description, Résunate uses advanced semantic matching technology to assign your resume a score very similar to the one most employers use. You can edit, add or remove stuff from your resume to see your score update in real-time.

Résunate even has a one-click “Auto Focus” functionality that automatically picks the parts of your resume that match the best against the job and arranges them into a resume that maximizes your interview chances.

Now it’s time for you to try it out yourself. Don’t be like the estimated 72% of resumes that NEVER get seen by human eyes. Start by searching one of our unique networks to find the jobs that work for you. Save your jobs as you go, and start Résunating today!

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