Professional Diversity Network and National Association of Professional Women Announce Definitive Merger Agreement

We are proud to announce our new merger with the National Association of Professional Women (NAPW)!

NAPW will integrate an expansive online and off-line network of over 600,000 professional women and nearly 300 local chapters with our existing family of targeted networking sites for diverse professionals like you. According to the Department of Labor, over 72 million women were employed in the U.S. in 2013, which represents over 45% of the total workforce, reflecting the critical importance of the professional women’s market to our economy.

So what does this represent for job seekers and employers that value diversity? It represents a significant advancement in our ability to cater to professional women and provide valuable services, while accreting real value and significantly enhancing our overall growth trajectory from which investors, stakeholders and job seekers will all benefit.

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From NAPW President, Star Jones:
Networking is the key to success. It’s these valuable relationships that have the power to change professional women’s lives forever,” said Star Jones, President and National Spokesperson of National Association for Professional Women. “I am extremely enthusiastic about the positive new direction NAPW is embarking on. The merger with PDN further reinforces my commitment and dedication to the women we serve at NAPW. We are now strategically aligned and positioned to provide an expanded networking platform with new opportunities for our members to connect with employers globally, with the ultimate goal of placing more women into high-level positions of influence, while positively impacting workplace diversity.”


From our Chief Executive Officer, Jim Kirsch:
“Our core mission is the professional advancement of all diverse Americans. We are, fortunately, experiencing both an increase in demand for qualified diverse talent and a regulatory climate that now places value on hiring diverse professionals, rather than the previous ‘check the box’ efforts used to comply with employment laws, which did not actually result in diverse hires.” Mr. Kirsch added, “In fact, we will provide members of NAPW with access to job opportunities and also identify employers who represent the highest and greatest potential for long-term professional success. Leveraging the depth and breadth of NAPW aligns with our position that women in the workplace are a strategic imperative.”


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