How To Get Hired: Try a Non-traditional Job Search

As the nation’s economic recovery is slowly moving forward and the unemployment rate remains stalled at about 7.6 percent, finding a job continues to be a relevant topic in today’s environment.  Surprisingly, non-traditional methods of job hunting can often produce the most promising results.

As a job-seeker, it is important to realize that posted jobs are often filled based upon the simple matching of skills listed on the job description with skills listed on the resume.  Job-seekers need to look beyond those jobs that are posted in traditional formats.  Companies promote people internally, search on job boards, network, receive referrals and search through resume databases.  These are the jobs that exist in the hidden market.  According to headhunter and author Lou Adler, “jobs in the hidden market are filled based on internal promotions, referrals and recommendations, with candidates being assessed on their past performance and future potential. For job-seekers who aren’t perfect matches on skills and experience this is great news, but to get the chance to be evaluated this way you need to be recommended by someone in your network.”

Job-seekers can use this information to shifrecommended cant the way they conduct their job search.  They should make sure that their resumes and online profiles are updated and easy to read and they should spend a significant amount of time engaged in networking in order to uncover jobs in the hidden market.  Since recommended candidates are judged on their past performance and future potential, it is not necessarily about being a perfect match based on skills and experience.  This opens up the door for a number of diverse candidates including returning military veterans who can be judged upon the future potential they can contribute to a company.

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