Hannah Paramore: A NY Times Profile

A few weeks ago, Adam Bryant of the NY Times, sat down with Hannah Paramore, President of Paramore, the digital agency, to discuss her thoughts on leadership and management.

Hannah Paramore, President

Hannah Paramore founded the digital agency that bears her name almost twelve years. Since it’s founding, Paramore has been making a name for itself in its hometown of Nashville, Tennessee, as well as across the country, by creating web-based campaigns for clients like CMT and Vanderbilt University. Recently, the received accolades for the creation of their own iPhone app, called Paramore Color, which allows anyone to change the color of the agency’s downtown Nashville LED logo right from their smartphone.

Perhaps it is this type of innovation that drew the attention of the NY Times. As reporter Adam Bryant found, since she was a young girl, Hannah Paramore  always had a drive to be in charge, and while it took a few awful entry-level jobs and an uncomfortable climb up the life insurance estate-planning corporate ladder, she finally found her niche while working for Citysearch.com.

Paramore loved the transparency of the Internet and knew this was place for her, which is why she decided to take what she had learned and start her own company. Since that time, she has learned a lot about building a company culture, which sometimes involves saying, “All right, a little too far.”

Besides learning about her own experience and the building of her agency, Bryant also went on to ask Paramore about how she makes hiring decisions and what advice she would give to college students. Paramore explained that she is looking for people who match up the core values of her agency.

She sees personal responsibility as the key to success, and as such is always interested in what roles a candidate has played in a previous project, and whether or not they can describe those roles clearly.

As for college students, Paramore encourages grads to just get started, saying,

“…most people don’t know what their passion is when they’re starting out. I didn’t know. I didn’t have a specific skill, but I had an ability.”

Maybe that is what makes Paramore a powerhouse. She had the ability to recognize her passion and what she was good at and turn that into a thriving digital agency.

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