10 Mistakes You’re Making During the Interview Process


Google, “top job interview mistakes,” and you’ll find pages and pages of articles. In addition to making you fearful of your next interview, it’ll also leave you wondering how many interview mistakes you’ve made in the past.

According to a CBS News article, hiring managers make their hiring decisions within the first 90 seconds of meeting a candidate. A CareerBuilder survey found that 87 percent of employers know within the first 15 minutes if the candidate is right for the job. For these reasons alone, it is important to consider what type of verbal and nonverbal cues you are giving off during an interview.

To help you avoid making another interview blunder, we’ve compiled a list of the top ten mistakes candidates make during the interview process.

1. Giving off poor nonverbal cues.

This includes not smiling, a weak handshake, failing to make eye contact, poor posture, and fidgeting. To avoid these mistakes, practice your interviewing skills with a friend, or in front of a mirror.

2. Dressing inappropriately for an interview.

Depending on what type of job you’re interviewing for, it is important to think about your fashion choice. Make sure your interview outfit is cleaned and pressed. Try not to be overly trendy, especially if the company you are interviewing with is more on the conservative side. Remember, dress for the job you want, not the job you have.

3. Showing up late.

Recently Military Veterans Resource Center asked a hiring manager for their thoughts on interview mistakes. One of the biggest ones was being late for an interview. Planning your trip ahead of time, and leaving early will ensure you are never late for an interview. Should something occur that causes you run late, notify the person you are meeting that you might be late, and apologize once you arrive.

4. Taking a trip to negative town.

Never speak poorly of previous or current employers. No one wants to hear you complain about your old employer. In fact this will only serve to make you look very, very bad.

5. Not being prepared.

Do your research before going on an interview. Research the job, the company, and the person you are meeting with. This will help show the hiring manager that you are knowledgeable and interested in the position.

6. Not asking any questions.

Before going to your interview think of some questions you would like to ask. Remember, you are interviewing the company, as much as they are interviewing you. How can you make an informed decision or show interest, if you don’t ask questions?

7. Talking too little or too much.

Your interview should be a two-way conversation. Be sure to talk and listen, and not do too much of either. Too little talking can give the impression you aren’t prepared or interested. Too much can talking can give the impression you are hiding something or don’t know how to get to the point.

8. Being rude to the receptionist.

The first impression you will make in your interview is on the receptionist. Treat her rudely and you may have just ruined your chances of getting the job. From the moment you walk into the building, always, always, be courteous and polite.

9. Asking about salary and benefits.

Never bring up money in your first interview. This is a big no. Let the hiring manager take the lead on this subject.

10. Offering up too much personal information.

Or on the other end; asking inappropriate personal questions. Would you want a complete stranger asking you personal questions? Well, neither does the hiring manager. You can still showcase your personality without revealing personal details, or asking too personal of questions.

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